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Monktoberfest 2012 was about …

Read Stephen’s recap of the year (with beer menu and thanks to all sponsors)!

Flavour Of Monktoberfest
Speaker: Overview Video
Video: On Redmonk
Questions first, then data - perspectives on data science from a social scientist
Speaker: Drew Conway @drewconway
Video: On Redmonk
Can we hack open source cloud platforms to help reduce emissions?
Speaker: Tom Raftery @TomRaftery
Video: On Redmonk
Scaling sucks - what I learned in a year at Etsy
Speaker: Rafe Colburn
Video: On Redmonk
Everyone is influential. Curation and the Social Web
Speaker: Joe Long
Video: On Redmonk
Dropping science on your developer ecosystem - lessons from ecosystem management
Speaker: Steve Citron-Pousty
Video: On Redmonk
Distributed Management
Speaker: Ryan Tomayko
Video: On Redmonk
OSS and Social Media Punditry vs Zealotry
Speaker: Paula Hunter
Video: On Redmonk
Engaging influencers in a Post-PR world using non-traditional methods of abstraction & intuition
Speaker: Mike Maney @the_spinmd
Video: On Redmonk
The content creator's dilemma
Speaker: Laurel Ruma and Nellie McKesson @laurelruma
Video: On Redmonk
How I learned to stop worrying and love Open Source Software Foundations
Speaker: Joe Brockmeier @jzb
Video: On Redmonk
Open Data is not the same as Open Source
Speaker: Rich Sands
Video: On Redmonk