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Monktoberfest 2013 was about …

Read Stephen’s recap of the year (with beer menu and thanks to all sponsors), or see the video listing on YouTube.

The Web and the Quest for the Perfect Document
Speaker: Paul Ford
Video: On Redmonk, On YouTube
The Start up Stack
Speaker: Matt Biddulph and Simon Willinson
, On YouTube
The Return of Craft How the Civil Service Got Some Groove
Speaker: James Stewart and Matt Wall
, On YouTube
The Importance of Face Time
Speaker: Adam Roben
, On YouTube
The Craft Beer Experience
Speaker: Distinguished Panelists
, On YouTube
Social first, Passion first
Speaker: Steve Lamb
, On YouTube
Scale the machine and be outstanding in your field
Speaker: Zack Urlocker @ZUrlocker
, On YouTube
Reconsidering startups Letter To A Young Programmer Considering A Startup
Speaker: Alex Payne
, On YouTube
Real time Social a developers view of push messaging for collaborative appdev
Speaker: Mickael Remond
, On YouTube
Open Data is not the same as Open Source
Speaker: Rich Sands
, On YouTube
When & whether to consider scalability tech vs beer
Speaker: Nick McNally and Celia Lager
, On YouTube
More Data about Developers - The latest from RedMonk Analytics
Speaker: Stephen O'Grady @sogrady
, On YouTube
Speaker: Various Speakers
, On YouTube
Marketing Your Tech Talent
Speaker: Deirdre Straughan @DeirdreS
, On YouTube
Little Tech, Big Impact - Putting Tech to Work for Your Community
Speaker: Michael Ducy
, On YouTube
Hacking the Future
Speaker: Linda Sandvik
, On YouTube