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A fan site dedicated to all the speakers and staff of Monktoberfest by Redmonk.

Monktoberfest 2016 went all in on beer - in the sessions! Alongside the beer business stories there were also discussions about open source, software traditions, and social media and families.

Read Stephen’s recap of the year (with beer menu and thanks to all sponsors), or see the video listing on Redmonk.

Mental Health Recovery: Is There An App For That?
Speaker: Shannon Wiltsey Stirman
Video: On Redmonk
Why Do I Care About Microservices?
Speaker: Brendan Burns @brendandburns
Video: On Redmonk
The Power of #FamilyOps for Women in Tech
Speaker: Mandy Whaley @MandyWhaley
Video: On Redmonk
The Beer Game
Speaker: Tom Looy
Video: On Redmonk
Big Beer and the Unicorn Hedge
Speaker: Laurel Ruma @laurelatoreilly
Video: On Redmonk
Beer: Not Just for Your Devs
Speaker: Maureen McElaney @Mo_Mack
Video: On Redmonk
How Not to Get Rich in Tech
Speaker: Aneel Lakhani @aneel
Video: On Redmonk
Parenting in the Age of Social
Speaker: Kelly Stirman @kstirman
Video: On Redmonk
Thoughts on Beer, Health, and Data Analytics
Speaker: Amy O'Connor @imamyo
Video: On Redmonk
Netflix and Ch-ch-chilly
Speaker: Rex Sorgatz @fimoculous
Video: On Redmonk
The Value Of Open Source Communities
Speaker: David Smith @revodavid
Video: On Redmonk
Oral Tradition In Software Engineering
Speaker: Bryan Cantrill @bcantrill
Video: On Redmonk