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A fan site dedicated to all the speakers and staff of Monktoberfest by Redmonk.

Monktoberfest 2018 was… well, it was kind of about a bunch of different life skills. Important life skills, like community, empathy, ethics, DevOps, how to scale beer, and how to fold a fitted sheet.

Read Stephen’s recap of the year (with beer menu and thanks to all sponsors) or Rachel’s recap focusing on all the great speakers, or see the video listing on YouTube.

Chaos Engineering
Speaker: Adrian Cockcroft @adrianco
Video: On Redmonk Slides
Engineering at cloud scale: do you really know how to recover from failures?
Tales From the Post-Millennial Computer Science Classroom
Speaker: KellyAnn Fitzpatrick @drkellyannfitz
Video: On Redmonk
How Georgia Tech changed CS curriculum to meet modern students and needs.
Psychology of Fake News
Speaker: Cecy Correa @cecycorrea
Video: On Redmonk Slides
Fake News uses your emotions to short-circuit your brain: how to recognize this.
Hiring Is Broken
Speaker: Emily Nakashima @eanakashima
Video: On Redmonk
How a startup reworked their hiring process to benefit everyone (including interviewees).
Empowering Your Community
Speaker: Leah McGowen-Hare @LeahBMH
Video: On Redmonk
Helping others to see the abilities they already have.
Freshman Mandatory Ethics Seminar
Speaker: kevin barrett @kevboh
Video: On Redmonk
The class everyone should take: thinking through the ethics of writing code.
Cyber Security For The Previous Generation
Speaker: Melanie Warrick @nyghtowl

(Help! What was this talk about?)
Death and DevOps
Speaker: Dormain Drewitz @DormainDrewitz
Video: On Redmonk
How shared culture and understanding helps decision making when under stress.
How to Fold a Fitted Sheet
Speaker: Joe Emison @JoeEmison
Video: On Redmonk
A highly practical and thoughtful lesson.
From the Source: An Untappd Story
Speaker: Greg Avola @gregavola
Video: On Redmonk, On YouTube
How Untappd grew it's app and business.
Better Living Through Empathy
Speaker: Claire Giordano @clairegiordano
Video: On Redmonk, On YouTube Slides
Better communication through empathy - for your readers and teammates.