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A fan site dedicated to all the speakers and staff of Monktoberfest by Redmonk.

Welcome to MonkTalks, an unofficial fan site for Monktoberfest and all the great past speakers. Many thanks to Stephen and James and everyone at Redmonk too!

This site is open source, so if something’s not quite right, please help fix it!

What is Monktoberfest?

The creator Stephen has a hard time explaining Monktoberfest himself, coming down to “look at the intersection of technology and the world around us – the good, the bad and the ugly”. I’d say Monktoberfest is about “how technology shapes society - and how to help”.

Monktoberfest is a place you can find talks you won’t find anywhere else - plus a 100% great set of attendees, and the best food and beer of any tech conference ever.

Past speakers at Monktoberfest have been so inspiring, I decided to make a list of every talk I could find. I hope you enjoy!

Monktoberfest Talks By Year